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History  Of  Art  Cube

Since  2010

Our Mission is to exist as an immersive environment of the arts for people of all ages in our local community to come and enjoy life through the creative process.

Located in the heart of Plainfield, IL, Art Cube offers the local community a sanctuary-like place for people of all ages.  It's only fitting that this unique arts facility would find its first home in the historic Flanders House, a Greek revival home built in 1840.  In 2013, Art Cube expanded and moved into yet another beautiful historical building in Downtown Plainfield.  With wide open spaces, the vaulted ceiling adorning skylights and large center window on the second floor, this former stable makes for the perfect art studio with its natural lighting and a warm, inviting atmosphere!

What  We  Offer

The Challenging Activities we produce push students to find the resources they need in many areas of academia while introducing them to the fun world of Art.


We offer visual arts classes for kids starting at age 3 and also offer classes for adults.  We teach the cores of all art, drawing and painting (watercolor, acrylic and oil), mixed media, light sculpture, jewelry designs, crafts, textiles and much more.  Classes generally run 1 or 2 hours a week for 4 weeks (with exceptions).  We also offer 1, 2 and 3-hour 1-day workshops for kids, adults and even families.  Descriptions, prices and details for each class can be found on our classes page.  Our classes are created by a fully credentialed art teacher in accordance with national and/or state standards and are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. 


Students with special needs, students who are very advanced, students who require assistance with portfolio building or contests and/or students who just prefer one-on-one instruction, independent sessions are a great option.  Schedules are more flexible with independent sessions as well.   Prices for independent sessions can be found on our classes page.


Children's birthday parties are 2-hours and are super fun.  If you have a special event, like a scout troop that needs to earn an art badge, Art Cube is the place to be!  Visit our Parties Page for more information.

Artist  Studios

Local artists that need a space to spread out, make a mess and get creative can come to Art Cube and rent a shared studio space!  Visit out Studios Page for more information.

Commission   Work

If you need a mural, a website, a painting or drawing or anything related to art... give us a call and we'll see what we can do to connect you with the appropriate artist for your needs.


Artist Studios